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Hertford In The Heat

It's a baking hot day in the UK today. All previous weather records have been broken and tonight I'm gigging in the very popular Close-Up Show at The Hertford Theatre. I really love performing in theatre settings for a number of reasons. For one, the audience is made up of people that actually want to see quality magic in the perfect setting. Secondly I'm performing comedy magic in a professional environment that has lights and sound all managed by an expert and a dressing room that is a few steps up from the disabled toilet in a bar. But my main reason is because I get to work with some pretty cool co-stars.

Tonight Im sharing the bill with Chris Wood and Paul Regan. All of our performing styles couldn't be further from each other. Chris is charm personified with some spectacular slight-of-hand and Paul is real clever craftsman with a solid understanding of his art. If this sounds like a magic show you'd like to come and see then why not take a look at some of the many theatres the show visits throughout the year. www.thecloseupshow.co.uk

I hope to see you at one of my shows soon. Here's a list of my upcoming public shows

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